Social Responsibility Project

As part of Orion Software's social awareness campaign we will be supporting a charity for a financial year. We extend an invitation to you to join us as we support this year's charity and various others in future years in order to help bring upliftment to society in South Africa.


We welcome your suggestions for any other charities to be supported in the future.


This year the Children's Feeding Trust will be the beneficiary of our campaign.


"A child free of hunger is a healthy child and a healthy child makes for a hopeful future."


The Children’s Feeding Fund was established in 1958 and was then known as The School Feeding Fund. From it’s inception, the fund had an enthusiastic and devoted band of volunteers and thanks to their fundraising efforts, they were feeding 10 000 children within the first year.



Delia with the children from Jerusalem Ministries during TV break


The fund's family continued to grow and by 1995, 37 years after it's founding, they were feeding 47 000 children at 90 schools every day. Subsequently, government has taken over the responsibility of the school feeding fund and hence the formation of The Children’s Feeding Trust.


The purpose of the Children’s Feeding Trust is to support a variety of charities who are conducting feeding schemes.


The following charities are being supported by The Children's Feeding Trust:

  • The House of Resurrection Haven
  • The Yokhuselo Haven
  • The Missionvale Care Centre
  • Kenton and Bushmans Child and Family Welfare
  • Lukhanyiso Home
  • Port Elizabeth Mental Health Society
  • South African National Tuberculosis Association PE and Uitenhage
  • Walmer Soup Kitchen
  • Aurora (Physically Disabled Children)
  • St Marks District Fund
  • Jerusalem Ministries
  • St. Vincent De Paul

Children Eating
Mrs Loretta Scarr from the Children's Feeding Trust getting to know the children


The Children's Feeding Trust’s fundraising efforts include the following:

  • A second hand book store that operates for 6 days a week.
  • The manufacture and sale of greeting cards by volunteers.
  • The selling of home made donated jams and marmalade.
  • A letter of appeal, once a year, to thousands of Companies and individuals.
  • Street collection tins once a year all over Port Elizabeth.
  • Collection tins at schools.
  • Bulk book sales every 4 to 6 months.
  • Adverts in local newspapers to create awareness.

All donations are appreciated and acknowledged individually.



PO Box 5132, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 6065.


(041) 581 4371