Products\\New Dimension - General Ledger

The General Ledger is totally integrated with the remaining modules in the series and is updated immediately on a per transaction basis. Features include:

  • Account ID’s of up to 20 characters and 3 separate segments for departmental accounting.
  • Customizable account and report categories that can be enforced if desired.
  • Ability to allocate balance sheet and income statement ranges to account id’s.
  • Statistical accounts and journals are catered for.
  • Budget facility to allocate budgets to separate GL accounts. Budget variances and percentages are catered for in the reporting tools.
  • Option to renumber all of the GL components, including data that is common throughout all modules, such as banking details etc.
  • The ability to process journal transaction to prior periods and years is fully controlled.
  • Date out of range function to warn or stop transactions that do not fall into the correct accounting period.
  • Control on journal descriptions.
  • Ability to separate system and manual journals.
  • Useful profit and loss feature to view the current status of your business.
  • Fully customized built in reporting feature to allow for customizable financial statements and management reports.
  • User defined formulae to add to the flexibility and power of the reporting tool.
  • Consolidation function to combine separate data set financial information into a consolidated report.
  • User-friendly period end routine.